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Protection Cluster Updates

Newly Uploaded Doucments

==> Donor presentation 24.09.2012 (coverning both natural disaster and complex emergency in KP/FATA)

=> Protection Cluster Bulletin June-July 2012 (in "Key Documents")

Protection -Meeting Schedule

<< Week 47 of Monday, November 23, 2015 >>

Key Documents


Protection Cluster Bulletin June-July 2012Key DocumentDownload
Protection Cluster Presentation to NDMA - Early recovery Framework 2011-2012 FloodsKey DocumentDownload
Protection Cluster Structure - September 2012Key DocumentDownload
Protection Cluster Structure August 2012Key DocumentDownload
Protection Cluster Bulletin MAY 2012Key DocumentDownload
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Meeting Material


7/17/2012Protection Cluster Meeting Notes 04.06.2012Meeting MinutesDownload
6/4/2012Protection Cluster islamabad_Meeting Notes 30.04.2012Meeting MinutesDownload
5/7/2012Protection Cluster Islamabad Meeting Notes 06.04.2012Meeting MinutesDownload
2/17/2012Protection Cluster Islamabad_Meeting Notes 17.02.2012Meeting MinutesDownload
3/16/2012Protection Cluster Islamabad_Meeting Notes 16.03.2012Meeting MinutesDownload
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Assessments and Reports


 13- Balochistan RPA 2011 ReportReportDownload
 12-Sindh RPA 2011 ReportReportDownload
 11- RPA SOP (08-2011)BulletinDownload
 10- RPA Questionnaire (08-2011)BulletinDownload
 9- Protection Checklist (Age & Disability)BulletinDownload
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Key resources/Guidelines

Handbook on IDP ProtectionDownload
IASC Operational Guidelines on HumanDownload
Women, Girls, Boys and Men: Different Needs – Equal Opportunities, IASC Gender Handbook in humanitarian action (2006) Download
UNHCR Tool for Participatory Assessments in OperationsDownload
IDP Guiding Principles, Commission on Human Rights, 54th Session, E/CN.4/1998/53/Add.2, 11 February 1998, in all languages (including Urdu and Pashto) Download
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Cluster Contacts

Ms. Elisabetta Brumat
Cluster Coordinator UNHCR -0300 5009622
Ms. Ilona Stanley
Cluster Coordinator IRC -0345 5014664
Ms. Zebunisa Danapur
NDMA Representative -0303 5271330
Ms. Ghazala Mirza
UNHCR (Islamabad) -0321 4291818
Mr. Waseem Ur Rehman
UNHCR (Karachi) -0344 9757744
Mr. Habib Ul Hassan
IRC (Hyderabad) -0345 5009572
Mr. Mohammad Ali
UNHCR Quetta -0333 7819381
Ms. Tayba Sharif
UNHCR Quetta -0333 7889922
KP (see also specific site)
Mr. Aamir Fawad
Protection Cluster Coordinator (a.i.)
UNHCR Peshawar -0300 8580761
Shakeela Ellahi
Protection Cluster Coordinator a.i. (IRC)
0300 5610061

See also specific Sub-Clusters/ Task Forces pages and KP/FATA web-site
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